The dance with the red bull

RYS Team InterNetX just returned from RedBullRing in Austria. The race action turned out to be as hot as the alpine weather. And the high temperatures should take their toll as we had to experience later.

But first the weekend started off with the two free practice sessions where our drivers rapidly acclimatised with the car again. At the end of FP2 #64 only was 0.2 seconds behind the fastest KTM. Mads was able to keep the pace during Qualifying 1 and drove #64 to P5 with only one KTM in front of him. Probably encouraged by that result Jamie set P3 in Qualifying 2.

In the first race we were able to keep P6 despite minor struggles with BOP changes and damp conditions. In Race 2 we had a penalty for track limits and after we got #64 back from parc fermè we noticed essential tyre damage in the left rear which could have easily led to a puncture. Fortunately the tyre did not completely burst and the drivers were able to safely drive thecar over the finish line on P14.

Next race will take place on Slovakia Ring. So stay tuned for hot racing when RYS Team InterNetX heads east!